Precautions for consuming Peanuts.

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Peanuts are rich in benefits and nutritional value. But it is high in fat and calories. This can cause high blood cholesterol and obesity. There are also certain substances that may interfere with the absorption of nutrients. Especially phytic acid, which is an important factor that causes the body to absorb less iron and zinc. and may lead to a deficiency of these 2 minerals. It is best not to consume too much peanuts. In addition, this type of peanut is one of the foods that are at high risk of causing allergic reactions. Which if the allergy is severe, it can be dangerous . It can be life threatening. People with allergies should avoid eating peanuts and all peanut products UFABET 

For buying peanuts You should choose products that ensure proper harvesting and treatment. The beans must be completely dry and stored at a low temperature. Free from moisture Peanuts stored at relatively warm and humid temperatures. Especially in a hot and humid climate like Thailand, there is a high risk of aflatoxin contamination from fungi. Exposure to this type of poisoning can result in yellowing of the eyes and loss of appetite. This is a sign of liver problems. In severe cases, it can lead to liver cancer or liver failure.