Is it safe to eat carrots?

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Carrots are relatively safe to eat, juice, or cook. But if taken in excessive amounts. It can cause yellow skin, tooth decay and it is not clear. If it is used as a medicine, how safe it is. Including having to be careful when eating carrots. Especially the people in the following groups:

  • Those who are pregnant or who are breastfeeding It is LIKELY SAFE to eat carrots as a food. But there are no clear studies on the safety of carrots for medicinal purposes.
  • Carrots are POSSIBLY SAFE in children when taken by mouth in appropriate amounts. However, it may not be safe for young children or infants to eat or drink large amounts of carrot juice. Because it can cause yellow skin or tooth decay UFABET
  • person who is allergic to carrots May cause allergic reactions in people with allergies , celery or related plants.
  • diabetics It might lower your blood sugar levels. Or may affect the efficacy of the drug being used at that time. If diabetics eat large amounts Blood sugar levels should be closely monitored.

Carrots are plants in the coriander family that have underground tubers. It comes in a variety of colors including orange, red, yellow, white and purple. The underground bulbs and leaves are edible. But the head is popular and can be used. As a food in a variety of ways, both raw, juiced, cooked. or used to cook as a dessert. It may also be used as a drug.