Southgate hints at the real Maddison opening the World Cup.

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England manager Gareth Southgate has confirmed. James Maddison has a chance to start for the football World Cup opener against Iran on November 21.

         The Leicester City midfielder has been recalled to the national team after a three-year absence, having enjoyed excellent form for the club this season. The last time he played in a Roaring Lions shirt was in November 2019 UFABET

         Asked if Maddison could start against Iran, Southgate said: “Why not? Why would the 26 called up think they wouldn’t have a chance to play?” World Cup

         “Some people know they have more chances than others. Because they know the experience of players who play regularly and performance. But we are open about it.”

         “Things change quickly and we need competition for places. They have to drive each other. At the same time, they had to support each other. We need to recast these guys and make them think about what it takes from tournaments.”

         “So there is momentum to compete. But also the camaraderie is very important, James played really well. We always say he’s a good player. He has the right to be chosen. We think he can provide something different to the other attackers we have. And we might need that.”