Showdown cards to measure strength.

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In case one player raises, all other players fold. The player who raises will receive that pot without showing their cards hand. But if there are more than or equal to 2 players bets left after the end of the last round (River). The remaining players need to reveal their cards to measure their strength. The strength of the cards is measured by combining 2 cards. From the hand and 5 cards from the community to find the last 5 cards with the highest rank for each player. Players may need to use both in their hand to reach the highest level. Or maybe use only 1 card or sometimes not use any card on your hand at all.

In the event that.

A player gets the best hand from a pure community of 5 cards. Then the player has a maximum chance of splitting that pot with everyone else. Because other players can use community cards to create hands like us as well. In which case more than 1 player has the best hand. Everyone who has that hand will receive an equal share of the pot (Split pot ). If there is any excess money, it will be sent to the first player next to the dealer button and rotate accordingly. Clockwise It’s very common for all players to have a close valuation of their own hand UFABET 

But the resulting hand is not of the same rank. However, all players need to be very careful about finding the best hand. Because if that hand Using less than 5 cards (e.g. 2 pairs or threes ). Kickers are taken used to determine win and loss results (You can see the example below). Which makes the numerical order of the card very important. And in Texas Hold’em, Kicker’s high and low are not measured from suit values ​​of the same color or suit.