Real Madrid narrowly beat Cadiz 2-1 and gave Barca 2 points.

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Real Madrid moved down Barcelona to two points after beating Cadiz 2-1 in La Liga on Thursday. Real Madrid are still without Karim Benzema injured. But Toni Kroos is back from suspension. While Cadiz have Alex and Anthony Lozano in the net. 

In the first five minutes Madrid had a chance before Vinicius gave Rodrigo a shot from the right inside the penalty area. But not strong enough to pass the hands of Heremias Ledesma, goalkeeper Daquiz.  

Cadiz almost took the lead in the 11th minute from playing a set-piece. Ivan Alejo passed the ball to Luis Espino and swung it to the left of the penalty area. The ball hit the crossbar, Real Madrid escaped.

Real Madrid had another chance in the 28th minute. Toni Kroos opened the ball for Fede Valverde to shoot from the front of the penalty area. The ball is out of the box behind UFABET.

At the end of the first half in the 40th minute.

Real Madrid scored a 1-0 lead from the second ball after a corner kick that Toni Kroos had opened from the left into the penalty area. 

Second half Cadiz had some chances in the 53rd minute, Anthony Lozano opened the ball for Ruben Sobrino to shoot with a narrow left corner. But Thibaut Courtois closed the corner to protect well.

Madrid led 2-0 in the 70th minute. Vinicius opened the ball, blocked, bounced to the front of the penalty area, Toni Kroos ran to jump, volley, full foot, decisively sent the ball into the first post. 

Cadiz did not give up, chasing 2-1 in the 82nd minute, Theo Bonconda took the ball into the penalty area on the left side before shooting from the left. Thibaut Courtois couldn’t catch Alvaro Nege Rado followed again. And saved again before it was Lucas Perez who repeated the three swords slammed under the crossbar.

Then at the end of the game, there were no more goals, Real Madrid defeated Cadiz 2-1, chasing Barcelona with 2 points remaining.