Jamie Carragher : Lions’ best right-back Trippier.

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Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher thinks Kieran Trippier is more complete at right-back than anyone else.

         Gareth Southgate has announced his squad for the World Cup in Qatar with Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kyle Walker at right-back. Including Trippier while Ben White was played in this position with the Arsenal team.

         From Carragher’s point of view, he pointed out that overall. He still favored Trippier more and that he would have started more than anyone else UFABET

         “I like Trippier, I think he’s a good player but what, you know, I think he played at left-back in the Euros.” Jamie Carragher told Ladbible TV.

         “I don’t see a left-back from Trippier, I think he’s a right-back. He has done very well in the Premier League. Consistently good performance He did well in an England shirt. I’d say better than Trent Alexander-Arnold.”

         “But I think in terms of doing something special make more difference than competitors I think the player you should pick is Trent, I don’t see much difference between Trent and Trippier in terms of set-pieces. He’s great.

         “I know he scored last season, this season, one or two assists, crosses. He’s a better defender. I think if you want overall performance. Trippier is better than everyone else in the same position.