How to play poker games?

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How to play poker games? Today we are going to talk about how to play poker. In which playing this casino game may not be difficult. However, to play like to get money may not be something that is easy to do. Aside from it should be required. As well as reading events using various psychology methods to help with Decide whether to continue playing or to stop. Every player should know the basic rules for placing bets. In this article we would like to clarify what everyone should do.

Every poker games consists of a standard 52-card deck and the cards are arranged in the following order:UFABET 

A means Ace (ace),
K is King ,
Q is Queen or Ma’am
J means Jack,
10 means Ten.
And the deck of poker cards, from most to least, can be arranged from AKQJT 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 (aces are considered both high and low points), with the suit of the card having no value. All flowers have equal value. Whether it’s a club Diamonds, hearts, then

spades. Two cards are initially dealt to each person. And there will be 5 midfield cards, 5 cards and then the game will start. 

Which has the following characteristics

– Start the game, need to pay starting money according to the agreement
– ​​Everyone, when it’s their turn, can choose whether to pass (let others play / don’t have to pay), gay over (pay more money) or Fold (Dismiss that hand)
– After that, the center card will be revealed, 1 card per round (1 round is when everyone says passed. No more gays)
– The game ends immediately. if everyone crouched And only 1 person left (that person will win immediately)

– and after that Each person will look at the cards in their hand. Then compare and match with the cards in the midfield, there will be various patterns that show the high and low order of the cards. Whoever has the highest ranking will be the winner. (As shown below)
– Winning if one wins the highest card Will get the whole pile of money
– in the case that someone asks for All In (put all the money in the lap), there will be a separate money. If the person who goes all out of the lap wins will only get money from the whole pile that is separated But if the winner is someone else Will get money for both 2 piles together.