Don’t trust myths Playing Online Slots.

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Many people who know nothing about online slots, spread different myths about these games. That’s why trusting only real information is one of the most valuable tips for online casinos. Let’s destroy some of the most popular ones:

  • Online slots are fixed. Some users claim that online casinos fix the payouts. However, this is not true. In fact, all spins are completely random and none of the possible payouts is fixed.
  • RTP is calculated for every $100 bet. When users see the 93% RTP they think they will get a minimum of $93 for each $100 bet immediately. In fact this payback takes a long time. And you will get the payout for every $100 staked but not for every particular $100 bet.
  • Progressives are the best. This myth is what makes inexperienced gamblers lose their cash. Progressive indeed features very high jackpots. But the chance to hit them is extremely poor. Gamers looking for the jackpot simply lose high amounts by not paying attention to slots. With smaller jackpots but more frequent payouts UFABET 

Free spins are special internal bonus offers that give you additional attempts to click the “spin” button paying no real cash for it. Despite the spin being free. The prize will be real. So free spins guarantee you that the following few spins won’t disrupt your budget. Free spins are triggered by scatters landed anywhere on the table.