Brendan Rodgers walk stretches to push Maddison to the World Cup.

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Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers is delighted with his talent James Maddison. Who has name in the England squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. For his perseverance proven over the years. come Produce fruit without being affiliate with 6 superpower football clubs.

Maddison has been directly involve in 30 Premier League goals since the start of the 2021-22 season ( 18 goals , 12 assists ). The most by any English player behind only captain Harry Ken.  

Considering just his performances, it would make perfect sense if the 25 -year -old playmaker could also travel to Qatar with him. Whether it ‘s about loyalty to the agency or the leadership in him. Brendan Rodgers is confident that this subordinate will have a great influence in the national team dressing room  UFABET

” His level of performance and his training has been consistent something. That has proven over the last few years supports his decision as to why he is. ” he said at a West Ham press conference 

“ I’m really delighted with him. Because he often saw that James had the desire to prove himself. Make the best performance possible. ” 

“ Talking to Maddison, it was all about the process of growing up. development story This is absolutely great news for him and for England. ”

“ The most important thing is that once the World Cup is flagged , we can never guess what will happen – you’re shining on the big stage. Congratulations once again. ” 

Maddison is the latest ‘Fox’ player to feature in England’s World Cup finals after Jamie Vardy and Harry Maguire ( World Cup 2018 ). The best is Dane Gordon Banks World Champion 1966 .