Alan Shearer defensive game made the Lions not reach the world championship.

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Former striker Alan Shearer believes it will be very difficult for England to reach the 2022 football World Cup in Qatar.

         “Roaring Lion” has performed impressively in the past two tournaments. By reaching the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup and reaching the finals of Euro 2020. Before losing to Italy in the upcoming battle, football fans are hoping that the team will reach the World Cup.

         However, Shearer sees defensive problems as a major weakness that will prevent Gareth Southgate’s team from reaching their dream side in this year’s competition UFABET

         “I don’t see that we can go any further than the last two tournaments. I think in terms of midfield and forward Southgate is confident, but defensively that’s a concern.” Alan Shearer said.

         “We should have won the group with our potential. The farther you go in tournaments. The stronger your opponents are and the more players you’ll face. So my concern for England is defensively.”

         “I think there was a big decision in terms of the starting XI and the system he would play in. It might be easier for him. Now 26 players can be called into the squad instead of 23. We had one or two injuries that were able to bring players in because maybe a few players haven’t played for 6-7 weeks.

         “With the success they have had in the past two tournaments. We want England to go one step further and try to win. Whether or not we will have to wait and see. It must have been something very difficult.”